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EDA on the iPhone

One thing that I’ve done in the last few months during my involuntary unemployment, other than writing this blog, has been to teach myself how to program the iPhone. Despite having been in marketing for over a decade, my background … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Rob Dekker

Today’s guest blog is Rob Dekker, the President and principal developer at Verific, who produce front-ends used by many EDA tool suppliers both big and small. Prior to founding Verific, Rob was at Exemplar where he was the principal developer … Continue reading

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Board games

I talked earlier about changing the CEO in startups. The board in any company really has two main functions. One is to advise the CEO since the board often has complementary experience. For example, older venture capital investors have probably … Continue reading

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Your comp plan is showing

I talked recently about setting up separate channels and when it made sense to do it, and about some aspects of channel conflict. One area where separate channels are usually required is when a business is global. Most EDA products, … Continue reading

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Friday puzzle: switches

By the way, I moderate comments on the puzzles, just to stop people posting the answer in the comments and so making it hard to avoid seeing accidentally if you want to try the puzzle yourself. So if you comment … Continue reading

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I’ve been learning Chinese for some time. Most people know three things about Chinese: it’s a tonal language, it’s hard to read all those pictogram thingies, and it must be really complicated. Well, the first two of those things are … Continue reading

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Channel choices

Should a separate product be sold through a separate channel? If a new product is pretty much more of the same then the answer is obviously “no.” If the new product is disruptive, sold to a different customer base, or … Continue reading

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The corporate CAD cycle

Many things in business go in cycles. One in EDA is what I call the “corporate CAD cycle”. It goes like this. I’m sure a similar dynamic plays out in other industries too. A large multidivisional semiconductor company has dozens … Continue reading

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Term sheets

What is a term sheet? If you raise money from a venture capitalist (or an experienced angel) then the most important conditions for the investment will be summarized in a term-sheet. It sounds like this should be a simple document … Continue reading

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CEO: a dangerous job

Why do so few startup CEOs last the distance? The Bill Gates, Michale Dell and Scott McNealys who take their companies all the way from the early days as a tiny startup all the way up to enormous multi-division companies … Continue reading

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