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Guest blog: John McGehee

Today’s guest blog is by John McGehee. John is a independent consultant in Silicon Valley, specializing in EDA application development, design methodology and Japan.  He blogs about these topics at  Prior to starting his consulting career, John was an … Continue reading

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NXP, cochlear implants, LED lighting and more

A couple of weeks ago I spent a morning at NXP’s innovation day. The first slightly surreal aspect of it was that it was in a building I used to work in. After I left VLSI Technology, NXP (then Philips … Continue reading

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iPhone is number 1

I’ve talked before about just how amazing Apple’s performance in the cell-phone (and laptop) market is. Last quarter, only two years after entering the cell-phone market, Apple became #1, at least if you measure by how much money they made … Continue reading

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Well, Jim Hogan and my discussion at ICCAD prompted various feedback in the blogosphere. For those that missed it, my summary of what we said is here. An up to date list of all the blog entries we know of … Continue reading

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Kauffman Award Dinner

Last week was the EDAC Kauffman Award dinner. One minor advantage of being a blogger is that I got invited along as press. “Will blog for food”. This year’s winner was Professor Randal Bryant, usually just known as Randy Bryant. … Continue reading

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ICCAD: EDA for the next 10 years

Yesterday at ICCAD, Jim Hogan and I led an discussion on the megatrends facing electronics and the implications going forward for EDA. Basically we took a leaf out of Scoop Nisker’s book, who when he finished reading the news would … Continue reading

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