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System re-aggregation

For some time now Jim Hogan and I have been debating whether we are finally on the cusp of one of those design transitions that comes along once every decade or so: the move to gate-level from transistor, the move … Continue reading

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Apple is chasing down Exxon

Apple just became the most valuable tech company in the the world, surpassing Microsoft. It is now chasing ExxonMobil, the most valuable company in the world and the only one ahead of it. Apple is valued at $291B and with … Continue reading

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eSilicon is a company with a unique business model. A few weeks ago I sat down with Kalar Rajendiran to find out how they’ve been doing. As you probably know, eSilicon is a fabless ASIC company. They operate like an … Continue reading

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Transitioning from EDN: categories, comments

I’ve gone through and categorized all the old posts so if you want to find all posts on, say, engineering then click  on that category to the right. I didn’t bring comments over from the old EDN blog to avoid … Continue reading

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Making DAC more valuable

I attended a “DAC strategy meeting” earlier this week, basically a meeting about how to make DAC more successful. The numbers are currently all going in the wrong direction. Any attendee to DAC can’t fail to have noticed that the … Continue reading

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Welcome! Bienvenue! 欢迎光临!

If you are reading this then you’ve found your way to the new home of EDAgraffiti. I will no longer be updating the version over at EDN. I decided to move for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I could get … Continue reading

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EDA360: Apps, Android, Apple

Recently I attended CDNlive, the Cadence user conference, although this year with the subtitle “Realizing EDA360.” This time Cadence did a much better job than I’ve seen before of explaining what they are really thinking. Even John Bruggeman admitted that … Continue reading

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