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Process variation: you can’t ignore statistics any more

I like to say that “you can’t ignore the physics any more” to point out that we have to worry about lots of physical effects that we never needed to consider. But “you can’t ignore the statistics any more” would … Continue reading

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Follow me

I’m not sure I really get Twitter completely. I think it’s an age thing. People brought up in Britain never get root beer; people brought up in America never get Marmite. Maybe you have to tweet before the age of … Continue reading

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ARM, Atom, PowerPC

What is a MID? It’s a Mobile Internet Device also known as a netbook. A huge battle is brewing as to whether a MID is more like a smartphone or more like a PC. It has major implications in the … Continue reading

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EDP Monterey

The Electronic Design Process (EDP) conference takes place on April 9-10th in Monterey. Register by 31st if you don’t want to get dinged for the expensive rate. I’m giving the keynote at the dinner the night of 9th April so … Continue reading

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Designer plague

Unfortunately semiconductor is not the only thing that has some level of exponentiality going in its favor. For some areas this is a good thing: the human genome project spent 3 billion dollars to sequence the first genome (back when … Continue reading

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Crushing fixed costs

There is a trend that the current downturn is only going to accelerate: to turn fixed costs into variable costs. Often this is what is behind outsourcing of some capability. Sometimes it is driven purely by either cost (let’s do … Continue reading

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Crossing the chasm

The most influential book on hi-tech marketing of the last twenty years or so has to be Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm. I doubt that there is anyone in marketing reading this blog who has not read it. In fact … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Paul Slaby

Paul Slaby is CEO of Kaben Wireless Silicon. He spoke at the annual D&R conference in Grenoble last December about whether or not the semiconductor industry will (should?) restructure itself along the lines of the pharmaceutical industry, with large distribution … Continue reading

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Lady Windemere’s FAM

In Lady Windemere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde wrote that a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. EDA companies are a bit like that. They only know the price of their tools. How much … Continue reading

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It’s like football only with bondage

Woodrow Wilson once said “If I am to speak ten minutes, I need a week for preparation; if an hour, I am ready now.” Being succinct is really important when trying to close some sort of deal, whether it is … Continue reading

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