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In the latest piece that Jim Hogan and I put together about re-aggregation of value back at the system companies I talked a little bit about Carbon. I got two things wrong, that I’d like to correct here. The first … Continue reading

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Windows on ARM?

In a blog post last March I concluded: My gut feel is that a mobile-internet-device will be more like a souped up smartphone than a dumbed down PC, and so Atom will lose to ARM. In fact I think the … Continue reading

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Evolution of design methodology, part II

The second half of the article that Jim Hogan and I wrote on re-aggregation of design at the system companies is now up at EEtimes. The second part of the article looks at the implications for the EDA and IP … Continue reading

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Pat Pistilli: the first cell library, the first printed label, and more

Pat Pistilli is this years Kaufman Award winner. I was out of the country for the award dinner so I didn’t attend but I talked to Pat earlier today. Pat, who was at Bell Labs, started DAC (then called SHARE, … Continue reading

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30th Anniversary of Funding of VLSI Technology

Doug Fairbairn reminds me that today is the 30th anniversary of the funding of VLSI Techology. VLSI was really the first company to embrace the idea that integrated circuits could be designed by people outside the priesthood of the semiconductor … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading Handel Jones’s book Chinamerica. I’ve known Handel for about 20 years. He’s the owner of IBS which produces a long and detailed report every month on some aspect of the semiconductor industry and ecosystem. The first three-quarters … Continue reading

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Vertical integration back in fashion: re-aggregation again

I was on a board meeting of Tuscany this morning and Trevor Loy, the board-member representing Flywheel Ventures painted an interesting view of what Wall Streets received wisdom is about what is going to happen in technology in general. The … Continue reading

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