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Hogan and McLellan: live in concert

Jim Hogan and I are doing a presentation during ICCAD on Monday about what direction we see electronic system design moving, and the implications for EDA. We plan to talk for about 20 minutes and then have a discussion. Come … Continue reading

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State of the union…of digital and analog

I spent part of last Tuesday at the Cadence mixed-signal workshop. I went mainly out of interest to see how things had progressed since I worked at Cadence. I had been put in charge of what we called the Superchip … Continue reading

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Looking through Critical Blue’s Prism

I caught up with Dave Stewart and Skip Hovsmith of CriticalBlue (from Edinburgh, yay, one of my alma maters). They originally developed technology to take software and pull it out of the code and implement it in gates. They had … Continue reading

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ARM 20 years on

I went to Mike Muller’s keynote at ARM’s techcon3. He started with an interesting retrospective on ARM. They have shipped 15B units (4B in 2008 alone). They have 20+ processor cores, 600+ licensees. In the next 3 or 4 years … Continue reading

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TJ Rodgers and the PSoC

I was at the ARM developer conference this week. Actually it has been renamed and is now called Techcon3, which seems pretty generic as branding. Anyway, one of the keynotes was by TJ Rodgers who started off by telling us … Continue reading

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New World Synphony

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing about software-signoff and FPGAs. I mentioned that Synopsys didn’t really have any high-level synthesis. Rumor has it that they do have sequential formal verification in development. Anyway, on … Continue reading

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Virage is on a roll right now. Originally a standard cell and memory company, it recently acquired a microprocessor line with ARC and now it has acquired another big increase in its size by taking on a lot of the … Continue reading

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The Microsoft/T-Mobile fiasco

I talked a couple of weeks ago about how it is necessary to be brutal and cull the managers of internal products in an acquisition otherwise the management of the joint product roadmap would become completely dysfunctional. Unless you’ve been … Continue reading

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That’s all folks

There was a reason I wrote about biometrics trecently. I have a new job as COO (and VP marketing) at Biogy, which is a biometrics company. Already I’ve become a biometrics bore. But that means I don’t really have time … Continue reading

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Biometrics conference

I was at a biometrics conference in Florida the week before last. The state of the art is much more advanced than I realized in many areas. For example, iris recognition can be done at a distance of a couple … Continue reading

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