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One startup I did run across that looks interesting is Polyteda. Let me first point out that this is all based simply on talking to them and I’ve not run their tools or done any other diligence. They have a … Continue reading

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DAC retrospective

So what was the theme of DAC this year? Two things stood out for me: one is that the big EDA companies are getting serious about doing design at a higher level. I think we need a new name for … Continue reading

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Linaro: the latest in the ARM and Atom battle

Usually when two companies initiate a joint venture or work together, it is often casually referred to as the two companies getting in bed together. Last week, a veritable orgy was announced. ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments … Continue reading

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Design Automation Conference preview

Unless you have been hibernating through the winter (which some days seems to still be going on) then you know that DAC is coming up on 13th June through Friday if you stay all the way through the tutorials. So … Continue reading

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