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Friday puzzle: zero to one hundred

Last week’s puzzle was where Lisa asks me some questions about my house number. The first thing to note is that since Lisa knows the number if she is told whether the first digit is a 3 or not, then … Continue reading

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“Microroasting.” It sounds like something that might go on in the diffusion oven of a small fab. But actually, I’m talking about coffee. It is totally off topic, but then it’s Friday. I’ve been learning how to talk “coffee roasting.” … Continue reading

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DAC: denial computing

I went to the keynote today by nVidia’s (and Stanford’s) William Daily. The topic was the end of what he called denial architecture and the rise of throughput computing. Denial architecture was so called since it denied two things: that … Continue reading

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DAC: VC panel

I went to Lucio Lanza’s panel session on how much it matters that VC investment for fabless semiconductor companies and EDA companies has dried up. The rest of the panel was Sanjay Shrivastava from Denali, Gunjeet Baweja from Needham and … Continue reading

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DAC, day 1

I went to the CEO panel today. But it wasn’t very illuminating since everyone was being too nice. When someone asked the question about what advice there was for the roughly 250 EDA startup CEOs in the audience, Wally said … Continue reading

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DAC: no blog for you

No blog today. It’s free Monday at DAC so I don’t think many people will be online. See you around at Moscone if you are here.

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Friday puzzle: house number

Last week’s puzzle was to try and find the train in the Nullarbor Plain, given that we know the direction of a train whistle we just heard. A couple of idealizations to make this truly mathematical: the train is a … Continue reading

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Don’t panic, but DAC is next week

First thing. If you’ve not already done it, then go to the Denali website and vote for EDAgraffiti as the best blog. Especially if you come here regularly. Voting closes on Monday evening. So DAC starts on Monday. Actually, for … Continue reading

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The anti-portfolio

You have to be pretty brave to be a venture capitalist and keep an “anti-portfolio” page on your website. This lists the deals that you were offered but turned down. Bessemer Ventures is the only VC I know that does … Continue reading

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Who are the EDA press?

DAC is coming up and all those marketing engines are revving up to a fever pitch waiting for the green light. But who should they pitch to? Customers, obviously, you eventually have to win the ground war. But what about … Continue reading

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