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“The tragedy of the commons” and EDA

The tragedy of the commons is an article published in Science magazine in 1968 by Garrett Hardin. It has since become very well known and is applicable widely when resources are shared without a market. The canonical example is common … Continue reading

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Venture capital for your grandmother

Like many of us in Silicon Valley, I often encounter people (hi Dad!) who don’t understand venture capital. I don’t mean all the details, I mean just the basic way investment is done in a startup. Often, even employees in … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Chi-Ping Hsu

Our second guest blog comes from Chi-Ping Hsu, who is senior VP of R&D for the implementation group at Cadence. Chi-Ping echoes Joy’s law that it is the people that are important and that innovation may be found anywhere, not … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Lauro Rizzatti

Today’s we have two guest blogs. First Lauro Rizzatti, who is general manager of EVE-USA, an emulation company. Despite his Italian name, Lauro is the US manager of a French-based emulation company. He takes a look at whether small or … Continue reading

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Why is EDA so buggy?

I have sat through numerous keynote speeches by CTOs of semiconductor companies berating the EDA industry for shipping tools that are full of bugs and that are late, not ready enough in advance of the appropriate process node. Of course … Continue reading

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Gong xi fa cai

It’s Chinese New Year, or the spring festival as the Chinese call it, the start of a year of the Ox. It is also, by coincidence, Australia day, the equivalent of July 4th down there. But there is not much … Continue reading

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Recutting the semiconductor pie

Qimonda, the memory spinout from Infineon, itself the semiconductor spinout from Siemens filed for bankruptcy today. This is not all that significant for EDA since memory companies have few designs and enormous volumes. Larry Grant, the corporate counsel when I … Continue reading

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What color is a green card?

Most American don’t know the answer, which is today off-white. Mine is alongside. Presumably it was green once. I’m an immigrant. I was born and brought up in the UK and came to the US in 1982 on an H-1 … Continue reading

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Venture capital for EDA is dead

There have been a couple of recent articles about venture capital in Business Week, ABC News and elsewhere. They have focused on venture capital being broken since many funds are losing money and even that venture capital, in aggregate, is investing … Continue reading

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Why did EDA have a hardware business model?

EDA really started back in the 1970s (late 60s in fact) with companies like Calma and Applicon. They drove the first EDA transition from cutting rubilith, red sticky plastic that was physically cut with X-acto knives, to digitizing the input … Continue reading

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