EDAgraffiti is not just a blog. A lot of the early postings have been extensively updated and grouped conveniently into chapters:

  1. Semiconductor industry
  2. EDA industry
  3. Silicon Valley
  4. Management
  5. Sales
  6. Marketing
  7. Presentations
  8. Engineering
  9. Investment and venture capital

From Jim Hogan’s introduction:

“Paul has the brains, curiosity and willingness to take on complex subjects. He also has the unique ability to explain these ideas in terms and approach that are understandable by the maturity of the technical readership. I like to think of this as seeing the arc of story. How do you get everyone to your desired conclusion? Great story-tellers know this implicitly, Paul has this gift and you will see it demonstrated in the EDA Graffiti collection.”

Get your copy.

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