Welcome! Bienvenue! 欢迎光临!

If you are reading this then you’ve found your way to the new home of EDAgraffiti. I will no longer be updating the version over at EDN.

I decided to move for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I could get no statistics from EDN about how many people read each blog entry and I know that the number of comments, the only metric I had, was a poor proxy. The number of comments seems to be driven by how controversial a topic is so that the most-commented entries were entries on things like open source.

The other reason was that with Ron Wilson’s departure there wasn’t anyone left at EDN that I knew, and they pretty much stopped covering EDA, so it didn’t seem like a good home anyway. Plus I got tired of wrestling with their various content management systems.

So welcome to the shiny new home of EDAgraffiti.


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