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Taking the E out of EDA

As I said recently, I think Sony laid down the perfect long-range plan for the EDA industry. Here’s the money quote from Kondo-san again: "We don’t want our engineers writing Verilog, we want them inventing concepts and transferring them into … Continue reading

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The career-path train doesn’t stop every day

When I lived in France there was a program called “La piste de Xapatan” in which contestants had to negotiate a series of challenges before whizzing down a zipline and running up a hill to catch a train. But “le … Continue reading

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Friday puzzle: Nullarbor Plain

Last week’s puzzle was to list all the countries that begin and end with “A”. It is surprisingly difficult. Austria, Australia…hmm. Ah yes, Albania. I gave you Antigua & Barbuda (in the Caribbean). A stage of the Tour de France … Continue reading

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GM and Cadence

What is the similarity between the problems and GM and those at Cadence? Well, there are certainly plenty of differences, GM has all sorts of problems which stem from over-generous union contracts for one. But the thing that brought problems … Continue reading

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What should EDA do next?

Which are the interesting areas of EDA right now? As a general rule, I think that the answer is "the ends" which today means the architectural level and the transistor layout level. There will always be some interesting areas in … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Scott Sandler

Scott Sandler is the President of Springsoft USA. He began his career as a verification engineer at Intel, where he quickly learned that he liked the tools a lot better than the designs. He entered the EDA world in 1986 … Continue reading

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Today is July 14th, the equivalent in France of July 4th in the US. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789, which is considered to mark the start of the French Revolution. I lived in France for over … Continue reading

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Oasys blog

As if I don’t do enough blogging over here, I’m starting a new blog over here for Oasys. They are announcing both the company and their product, Oasys RealTime Designer, today and of course will be showing it at DAC. … Continue reading

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Friday puzzle: countries

Last week was the monkey puzzle. Monkeys go along a corridor shutting doors that are open and opening ones that are shut. It doesn’t take too much thought about this to realize that the doors left open will be those … Continue reading

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I’ve been writing this blog since the start of the year. EDN’s content management system tells me that I’ve made over 150 posts. Some of them were guest bloggers and a few were just short items, but most of them … Continue reading

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