Friday puzzle: bear

Last week’s puzzle was to continue the infinite series 110, 20, 12, 11, 10… The answer is that the subsequent terms are all 6. The series consists of the number 6 in binary, base 3, base 4 and so on. In all bases above 6, the number 6 is simply 6.

Now for today’s puzzle. You’ve probably heard this before, but I still love the unexpectedness of the actual question. You probably know “the” answer too. Less well known, the answer is not unique (well, geometrically; the zoology is dubious anyway).

A man goes for a walk. He goes one mile south, one mile east, one mile north and returns to his starting place. On the way he shot a bear. What color was it?

Answer next Friday. And to keep you busy, here’s another unexpected question:

You are the driver of a bus from San Francisco to San Jose. You arrive at the first stop in San Francisco and 20 people get on. In South San Francisco, 5 people get off and 8 get on. In Millbrae, nobody gets off but another 5 people get on. In Palo Alto, 15 people get off and just 3 get on. In Mountain View, 6 get on and 12 get off. Finally you arrive in San Jose. Everyone gets off. What was the bus driver’s name?

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