Carl Icahn

I ran into Wally Rhines at a Mentor press event yesterday. As I was leaving he took time to tell me how great the EDAgraffiti book is. “The best book on the EDA industry.” Actually, I think it is about the only book on the EDA industry so that is not necessarily a high bar to clear, but it was nice to receive the compliment anyway. He also told me that he keeps meaning to send me a note since he found an error in one of the pieces about Moore’s law. It’s hard to believe that there could be something wrong on the Internet, but there you are.

Then Wally told me,  “I immediately sent a copy to Carl Icahn.” So the EDAgraffiti book is up there with poison pills and the rest as an anti-takeover device!

To get your own copy, just click on “book” at the top of the page.

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