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Fab rankings

The latest semiconductor rankings are out for Q1 and there are a few moves around. Intel of course remains #1 at $6.5B for the quarter, nearly twice the size of #2 Samsung at $3.6B. In turn, Samsung is almost twice … Continue reading

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Friday puzzle: series

Friday is the day before the weekend, of course, so time for something less directly related to EDA, design, semiconductors and, well, work. In the UK, there is an expression about being POETS, which stands for “p*** off early tomorrow’s … Continue reading

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San Francisco: Silicon Valley’s dormitory

San Francisco is a dormitory town for Silicon Valley. Not completely, of course. But unless you regularly drive between Mountain View and San Francisco you probably aren’t aware of the huge fleet of buses that now drives people from San … Continue reading

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Test cases

I talked recently about customer support and how to handle it. One critical aspect of this is the internal process by which bugs get submitted. The reality is that if an ill-defined bug comes in, nobody wants to take the … Continue reading

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Old standards

About 12 years ago I went on a three-day seminar about the wireless industry presented by the wonderfully named Herschel Shosteck (who unfortunately died of cancer last year although the company that bears his name still runs similar workshops). It … Continue reading

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Customer support

Customer support in an EDA company goes through three phases, each of which actually provides poorer support than the previous phase (as seen by the long-term customer who has been there since the beginning) but which is at least scalable … Continue reading

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50th anniversary of the IC

On Friday the IEEE unveiled a plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first practical IC, which was created at Fairchild’s original building at 844 Charleston Road in Mountain View (it’s just off San Antonio Road near 101). The plaque … Continue reading

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DAC has just announced the program. You probably already know, but just in case you don’t: DAC is late this year, July 26-31st and it is in San Francisco at the Moscone Center (walking distance from where I live, yeah!). … Continue reading

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SaaS for EDA

SaaS, or software as a service, is the capability to deliver software over the net. In web 1.0 years this was called the ASP model, for application service provider. The archetypal company doing this is, which provides customer relationship … Continue reading

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Venture capitalists love royalties. They love royalties because they think that they might get an unexpected upside since they are hoping that a customer, in effect, signs up for a royalty and sells far more of their product than they … Continue reading

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